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Our firm’s areas of practice are as follows;
Business Law and Securities Law
Corporate Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
Our firm provides a wide range of legal advice not only on general corporate and corporate law matters, but also on public and private offerings, disclosure requirements, takeover bids, reporting on large shareholdings, insider trading and other prohibited practices, and regulations and codes of conduct for financial instruments business products under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.
Mergers & Acquisitions
We also provide legal advice on due diligence, drafting and negotiations regarding mergers & acquisitions. As well, we regularly advise on defensive measures against hostile takeover bids, either through lawyer-client consultations or through membership of Independent Committees established by several listed companies. We are fortunate to have assisting us as counsel Professor Minoru Tokumoto of Tsukuba University, one of Japan’s leading scholars, who has intimate familiarity in this area.
Compliance/Corporate Governance
Under the leadership of managing partner Eiji Masuda our firm provides legaladvice on compliance matters (including defensive measuresfor inspections conducted by the Financial Service Agency) for banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions, manufacturing companies, service industry companies and IT companies, either through lawyer-client consultations or through membership on Compliance Committees established by several highly sophisticated enterprises. We also regularly advise on risk/crisis management regarding white-collar crime, including corporate crime and corporate liability for employee misconduct, relying on the practical experience of Eiji Masuda, who served as General Counsel (Private Client Group) and Executive Officer of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd.
Personnel/Labor Matters
We provide a full range of legal advice and services on personnel and labor law matters. Our firm represents our client in litigations and also provides other resolutions in labor disputes. We also draft and review the employment regulations and codes, provide legal advice on contracts regarding the personnel, labor matters, support companies from within by presenting seminars and supporting in-company trainings.
Securitization/New Financial Products
Our firm also offers legal advice on securitization of real estate and innovative financial products, including those using collective investment schemes.
Intellectual Property/Entertainment/IT
Intellectual Property Rights
Our firm drafts and reviews contracts and agreements regarding the licensing contracts for intellectual property rights such as patent, copyright, trademark and technology development agreement; advise on protection of trade secrets and company know-how and prevention of unfair competition law. We provide legal advice on intellectual property in respect to due diligence regarding the M&A's and IPO's as well.
Our firm provides legal advice on drafting and negotiating contracts in the field of entertainment industry such as motion picture, music, publication, broadcasting, game, animated cartoon, drama and advertisement. We also provide legal advice on internet related entertainment industry; tailored to the current market situation and the development of information and communication technology. Furthermore, we respond promptly against defamation, violation of the right to privacy and publicity rights of the artists and celebrities.
IT Related Business
In the field of IT, in respect to the services and transactions over the internet, our firm provides legal advice on structuring business schemes thereon, and drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements in line with the relevant regulations and the cutting edge of technology. We also draft and review various contracts and agreements which form the basis of the field of IT business, such as license agreement, system development agreement, system distribution agreement and system maintenance agreement, and deal with and provide legal advices on relevant disputes and legal issues thereof.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Our teamwork-oriented dispute resolution group is small, but strong and focused. We work on large-scale and complex commercial disputes, both domestic and cross-border, acting as lead counsel or providing advice on Japanese law aspects.
We act as counsel for the Japanese Government and local public authorities and advise private sector clients on Japanese administrative law and regulatory procedures.
We advise on bankruptcies and reorganizations, including procedures for bankruptcy, special clearance, civil rehabilitation etc.
Real Estate and General Civil Matters
In addition to our main areas of practice described above, we offer legal services concerning real estate transactions, including real estate purchase and sale, leasing and, investment, as well as general civil claims for damages (including litigation and other forms of dispute resolution).
Medical Malpractice
We act as counsel for medical institutions and provide general legal advice in this area.
Estate Planning and Other Domestic Relations Cases
Working together with certified public accountants and licensed tax professionals, we handle inheritance relating matters such as arranging efficient inheritance schemes and act as counsel on Japanese procedural matters relating to succession. We also provide legal services for domestic relations cases in general including without limitation divorce cases and administration of property of aged (adult guardianship).
Criminal Matters Involving Corporations
In addition to the general corporate/business law and other matters described above, we advise and act as counsel for corporations and corporate officers in matters involving direct or vicarious criminal liability.
In all the areas described above, and with special emphasis on general corporate-commercial, securities and business law, our firm is dedicated to providing top quality legal advice and services in Japanese and English in a timely and efficient manner. In this way, we aim to effectively meet our clients’ “true” needs.