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Masuda & Partners Law Office was established in February 2008 under the leadership of experienced and forward-looking Japanese lawyer, Eiji Masuda, with the able assistance of his colleagues. From the start, we have committed ourselves to the following mission;

  (1) To offer the highest quality legal services possible, in a sophisticated and timely manner, so as to meet our clients’ “true” needs, given the changes in clients’ and society’s needs and expectations for lawyers in today’s rapidly and greatly changing society.
  (2) To establish a powerful structure of optimum size, so we can offer the highest quality of legal service while ensuring that all firm members can trust and collaborate very closely with one another.
  (3) To create an excellent working environment so that our team, including secretaries, paralegals, and administrative staff, can work with high motivation and pursue their hopes and dreams.
With this mission, we shall strive to become the most respected law office in Japan. Establishing our firm in this way, we have now taken the first step toward becoming our ideal law office.

We are fortunate to have the kind support of many clients, colleagues and friends that share our sense of mission. With that support, we hope and expect to develop our new law office for years to come and make our goals a reality.

As to the first aspect of our mission, we were very gratified to receive a letter from one of our clients recently, which we post here (with consent, and partly revised to protect the client’s privacy).

We are thus off to an auspicious start and, in the spirit of the mission described above, pledge now and into the future to make our utmost efforts to satisfy our clients.

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