Masuda & Partners Law Office
増田 英次
小林 康恵
松葉 知久
松葉 知久
佐藤 光伸
山岸 哲平
瓜生 容
植木 悠介
村島 大介
西川 達也
木下 毅
德本 穰
天野 正人
Yuta Kato
Profile Japanese
Graduated from Chuo University (Faculty of Law)
2011 Passed Japanese Bar Exam
2011 Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan, Graduate studies to be qualified as judge, prosecutor and lawyer
2012 Admitted to Daini Tokyo Bar Association SATO & Partners
2022/5 Partner, Masuda & Partners Law Office (-present)

Main Professional Experience
Outside Corporate Auditor, Algorithm Inc. (June, 2022 to present)

Specialized Area
General Corporate Law (listed companies, unlisted companies including companies preparing for an IPO)
M&A (listed companies, unlisted companies, going private, the Antimonopoly Act compliance)
Finance (equity finance in listed companies, venture finance)
Financial Law (practice relating to banking)
Practice Relating to an IPO (startup support, capital policy, procedures for an IPO)
Crisis Management, Misconduct Cases
General Civil Cases (including labor cases)
Family Affairs Cases

“Practice of M&A Contracts” for major securities companies (conducted several times)
“Practice of M&A” for business schools (conducted several times)
“Fair Disclosure Rules” for listed companies